Guide on How to Store Your Pearl Set

Guide on How to Store Your Pearl Set

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Owning pearl is one of the best things you can do for your jewellery collection. However, your responsibility of enriching your collection does not end with purchasing the right set for the right occasion. You must also know how to take care of the pearls. One of the most important part of taking care is to store the set properly. Here are some tips that will help you store your pearls in the right manner.

How to store your pearl

  • Cover Them Up

Whenever you are storing the pearl; make sure to cover them up in the right manner. They shall not be exposed to light, heat or air. This may take away their shine or they may even get marks due to the weather. It is thus important to cover the box.

Store Pearl Set Cover Them Up

  • Pin them properly

Your pearl set arrived to you properly pinned and inside a box. It is thus important to make sure you store the set in the proper manner. This will ensure that the friction is limited and the set does not get any scratch from the storage. You can keep a picture of how it arrived. This will help you store the pearl properly.

  • Wrapping up

You should wrap your pearl set in a soft, breathable piece of cloth. The cloth shall preferably be linen, or it can also be a tissue paper. This will ensure that the set does not bump into other jewellery saving it from any possible damage.

Pearl jewellery Wrapping up

  • Place Water

If you are storing the pearl in a hot and dump place make sure to place a pot of water just beside it. You will also have to protect the pearl from any form of acid.

Protecting your pearl set and keeping it new for long is not impossible if you are taking the right measures.

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