How to Plan the Best Office Holiday Party (Hint, Hire a Comedian!)

How to Plan the Best Office Holiday Party (Hint, Hire a Comedian!)

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The holidays are stressful enough without having to organize the office’s end of year celebration on top of it all, yet here you are, stuck with the task for another year in a row. It could be because you planned the holiday party last year, or simply because you didn’t respond to the interoffice email fast enough to say you couldn’t do it. It doesn’t matter why, anyways, when the countdown to the big day is ticking closer. Your priority now is to finish planning what you’ve been tasked to do. With the venue chosen and the food order, all that’s left is (unfortunately) the hard part. Now you have to figure out what you’re all going to do!

Sadly standing around while eating and drinking won’t cut it. In fact, that’s the surest way to ruin your office’s holiday party. It relies far too much on the sociability on your coworkers, who will have to fill the time talking with one another – which, after having spent 40 hours or more each week with each other can be a difficult task. If your office isn’t liberally sprinkled with extroverted people, silence can descend and awkwardness can take over.

Now that’s what you would call a dud! The holiday party is supposed to be a fun and festive year-end celebration and appreciation of everyone’s hard work, so you don’t want to make the event so boring no one wants to come.  When a mingling mixer is out, don’t fall into some of this year’s most popular party traps. Don’t plan the holiday party around a theme like a Christmas movie marathon or an ugly Christmas sweater party. This requires people to go out of their way to fit into the theme and is more likely to alienate its attendees than anything.

When scrambling for something to do, you should take a tip from event planners around the world and contact a premier corporate talent agency. These agencies have helped people just like you find appropriate and amusing ways to entertain a corporate crowd during the holidays by connecting you with the country’s leading comedians. Just think of how a 20 or 30-minute set will fit into your party. It’ll help direct your colleagues’ attention away from their awkward forced socialization and towards something genuinely hilarious. Afterwards, everyone will have something to talk to other than Monday’s reports and the office’s mail system. They won’t have to rely on these tired topics of conversation because they’ll be retelling their favourite jokes from the set.

Since it’s the end of the year, many of these agencies understand you won’t have the time to call them. In which case, many of them have developed an online roster that you can look through. The holiday party comedians at Corporate Entertainers can conveniently be found on all together on one page, so you can search through those performers who are available at this time of year. With another click, you can effortlessly put through a request form for their talents to enhance your office’s party.

It’s simple enough to do, but it will have a huge impact on the quality of your party. Instead of an awkward social gathering of people who feel obligated to attend, a comedian can transform the holiday party into an event your colleagues will be excited to go to! So call a premier corporate talent agency to help find one of the best comedians for your party and rest assured your festive celebration will go off a hitch!

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